Topic of the week #2

If you’re looking for a blog to continually stay plugged in with, who better to choose from then PR consultant Adam Vincenzini?


Adam started off as a traditional PR consultant and made a transition into a more social one at London-based agency Paratus Communications. He decided to set up his blog “COMMS corner” during this transition time to capture and share with others what he was learning in the process.

I’m “Team ADAM” and you should be to!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Attribution

In Adam’s blog, he discusses topics relating to social media. Students studying public relations can definitely benefit from this blog because social media is a huge part of today’s PR. Many people, including myself, are getting ready to graduate college and launch our careers. With that said, we need to stay up-to-date with current social media trends and issues so we aren’t out of the loop.

“This blog tends to be visited by communications professionals and media enthusiasts,” wrote Adam Vincenzini.

There is clearly something of value and importance that can be taken from this blog and with the amount of traffic received from COMM professionals, it opens an opportunity for conversation between professionals and students aspiring to become professionals.

Post examples:

“The blog post I never thought I’d write (and publish)” 

(Adam talks about his experience with depression and how he went about coping and managing it. This post struck me because Adam is REAL. He isn’t pretending to be something he’s not. There is a beautiful thing in finding someone who blogs transparently.)

“How the media is remembering 9/1 (10 years on)” 

(Adam ties current events with social media to show the relationships between them.)

“10 signs you work in PR- the London Edition.”

(Not only is PR discussed in an educational way it’s also done humorously. Read this post and if you don’t laugh, something is wrong with you!)

So be sure to check out Adam Vincenzini’s blog COMMS corner!  You will laugh, be inspired, and learn something along the way!

-Sarah Rose


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