Creepn On My Peers


Photo Credit: Kate Malin

#1. September 15, 2011 + Johny Fernandez’s post: “Don’t Be that Freshman.”

Johny, your tip about not picking up a tray at chartwells made me laugh! I remember when I was a freshman and picked up a tray. Thankfully, one of my friends had heard that was the “uncool” thing to do and told me. I quickly put it down and no damage was done! You would never think that carrying a tray was considered so lame but turns out it is. This will definitely help some freshman out!

#2. September 18, 2011 + Mikelle Liette’s post: “What you see is…what you get…”

Mikelle, I like the three tips you provided. I definitely agree with all of them. For online writing people don’t want tons of information. They want the basics or the most important information. Also, like you said, it’s good to place the most important information towards the top of the post. I know there have been times when I have scrolled down and seen an extremely long post and decided not to read any of it. LONG blog posts that seem to go on forever intimidate online readers. I think if people follow the three tips you’ve listed, they will have a better chance of getting their material read.

#3. October 25, 2011 + Annalee Cole’s post: “Growing up, lightening up, and logging off.”

I remember listening to Death Cab for Cutie for the first time when I was in high school and I instantly loved them. They are a unique band with such authentic music. I like a lot of their lyrics too. I haven’t had the chance to see them perform but I’m sure it’s awesome. I’m glad you had the opportunity to see them live. I honestly haven’t listened to them much since I graduated out of high school but I think I will listen to them more.

#4. Nov 17, 2011 + Eli Pariser’s video post: “Filter Bubbles.”

After watching this, I was shocked but also not surprised at the same time. At first, I couldn’t believe that what I was reading and viewing on the Internet was actually being filtered according to the history of the clicks of a button. I was completely unaware that what I was viewing was essentially being decided for me by someone else. But at the same time, I wasn’t surprised. It made sense that Facebook and Google would want to filter what people view based on their opinions and passions because that would give them a better experience. Right? Wrong! It actually gives them a biased experience. It allows people only to see half of the picture instead of the whole thing. I’m glad Eli did a discussion on this because it is something that people needed to know.

#5.  Nov 17, 2011 + Kevin Allen’s PR daily post: “Facebook comments are four times more valuable than “likes.

I definitely agree with the statement that a comment is worth four times more than a “like.” If a company is advertising a product on Facebook and people click the “like” button, that’s good. However, it’s even better if they write a comment. Posting a comment, even on Facebook, takes more brain power than simply hitting the “like” button. If you like a brand enough to take the time to write a comment, that brand/company has something. Also, if someone comments that they dislike the product or that there are issues with the product they believe should be fixed or changed, it may seem bad, but it’s actually good. That means people are interested enough in your product to say something. If they didn’t feel the company could improve or change aspects about the product, they wouldn’t waste their efforts or time making suggestions or stating their upsets. Comments are definitely a good sign, whether their good or bad!

#6.  Nov 17, 2011 + Jessica Levco’s PR daily post: “How to ask a celebrity on a date.”

Recently in one of my PR classes, we were watching videos that had gone viral on YouTube and then talking about the reasons why those videos went viral. Reading the techniques you provided were really enlightening and I thought you had a lot of good points. I think it’s amazing how you both were able to get so many people to view your video and even got a letter from the executive producer. If I ever want to give an attempt at making a viral video, I will definitely look back to this post for tips. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this!

#7.  Nov 17, 2011 +Michael Sebastian’s PR daily post: “3 quick lessons from the headline of the year.”

I agree that those three tips are the key to writing a good headline. If its proactive, brief, and punchy, people will be more likely to read your entire article. I think having a headline that is proactive works so well because people want something that entices them into reading. If it doesn’t evoke some sort of feeling within a person, why would they be drawn to read it? Also, I like what you said about keeping it brief with the “saying it in one breath” rule. And of course, a good headline has to have a punch.

#8.  Nov 17, 2011 + Roula Amire’s PR daily post: “Infographic: the most- annoying writing mistakes.”

I’m definitely a part of the 13% because that stuff really annoys me. Random Capitalization is pointless And very Distracting in My opinion. See what I mean? On a side note, in my PR class we were learning about infographics and this one is a great example of one done right. I like the layout and contrast. Had this article been written out, I would have been less likely to read it but the way it was laid out, with the fun design and color, made it more appealing for me to read. I guess I’m still stuck in my elementary days where I only wanted to read books with pictures in it. Thanks for the post!

#9. Nov 17, 2011 + Mark Babbitt’s PR daily post: “12 ways to bomb a job interview.”

I’m a college student getting ready to graduate this spring. This was a great, timely post for me to read. Some of the stuff is obvious in my opinion but then again, some people are completely oblivious to the obvious. I really like all of these tips but my favorite are: offer a weak handshake and become ‘the stalker.’ I think if people follow these tips when going applying for jobs and attending interviews, they will have a greater chance at getting the job and making a lasting impression–in a good way. Thanks for the post, couldn’t agree more with your tips!

#10. Nov 17, 2011 +Heidi Cohen’s PR daily Post: “15 ways to attract Twitter followers.”

I have to admit, I have told people who I don’t really care about the number of followers that I have on Twitter but lets face it, I do care somewhat. I’ve often thought to myself of how I could get more people following me but wasn’t really sure how to go about it. I think all of your tips are really good. Some of them I’ve already done but there are definitely a good number i have not yet tried, like being a featured guest on a Twitter chat. I think that if I tried and do everything you’ve said, I should get more people actually following me or essentially, interested in what I’m saying.

#11. Nov 18, 2011 + Daniel Barcelo’s post: “Catalyst East 2011.”

This is an awesome story to create in Storify. I’ve heard a lot about Catalyst from people at Southeastern but I have to admit, I don’t know a lot of details about it. All I knew about it was that a lot of people really liked it and a bunch of students from Southeastern attended the conference. After reading your blog post, going through this story, I was able to learn more about the Catalyst conference and it’s actually really given me a desire to attend!

#12. Nov 18, 2011 + Mikelle Liette’s post “Future Bloggers Step On Up!”

I’ve also been a consistent blogger for about three years now. I think it’s amazing how much more I know now then when I did when I first started off. I like your top 10 list! A lot of the things you mentioned, I also mentioned in my blog post where I give advice to new bloggers. I think one of the most important tips is to keep it short and sweet. A lot of bloggers don’t realize that blogging is not supposed to be the same as writing papers. There needs to be short sentences, bullet points, numbers, and even pictures and videos to add variety. I think your post will definitely help a lot of new bloggers!

#13. Nov 18, 2011 + Naida Lindberg’s post: “In the ring we have Facebook vs Google.”

That’s pretty interesting. I actually just watched the movie “The Social Network.” It’s about how Facebook started and it was really neat being able to see the “people” behind Facebook. The movie made me have a stronger connection with facebook because I understood more about where they came from.I don’t know a lot about Google but I’m curious to learn about how they began. I’m definitely going to read further about this scandal between Google and Facebook. If the accusations are true, I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook did it because Google created their Google + account which is similar to Facebook.

#14. Nov 18, 2011 + Amanda Furmage’s post: “Massive publicity stunt?”

This is hilarious! I would love to be walking on the beach and see that Lego man washed up on shore. I’m still not sure whether or not Lego is behind it. I don’t think there is enough evidence to prove that it is or isn’t. If I was a part of the Lego Company, I think this would be a pretty good way to gain publicity for the Lego brand. But I do agree with you that this is kind of creepy. The fact that he just randomly shows up at different beaches is weird! How on earth does he get there in the first place? I wonder if anyone has ever caught a person putting him there on the beach. I think I will try and search for it!

#15. Nov 18, 2011 + Kayte Hanlin’s post: “Hard Rock Talent: Live Coverage.” 

I was planning on attending this event but I unfortunately got sick. I’m glad you did a live blogging of this event. You did a really good job of breaking down the event and explaining what was going on. I feel like I was there and got to see what was going on. $300 is a pretty good prize for winning. I would have been annoyed if I was told that the event was worth a chapel credit and it really wasn’t. I wonder who started that rumor? Anyways, thanks for the update! Looks like it was an awesome event!

#16. Nov 18, 2011 + Melanie Shoults’ post: “Please, no stalking.”

Haha! You are totally right. I think we all have experienced this before and been super creeped out by people who think it’s okay to “friend request” or “follow you” when they’ve never even met you. It’s one thing if your a celebrity or are known in a certain area of life, whether that be because of your profession, but when someone tries to access information about you because maybe they find you attractive, that is weird and unacceptable in my book. I remember when someone on Facebook friend requested me and we never had met and had zero friends in common. I was so annoyed that I denied the request and sent him a message asking him why he felt it was necessary to send me a request when we didn’t even know each other. I’m happy to say, I’ve never heard back from him!

#17. Nov 18, 2011 + Tiana Holding’s post “Ice.Custard.Happiness.” 

I recently went to the Rita’s on N. Florida for the first time because my friend had a coupon but to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. Some people like crunching on ice but I’ve never really enjoyed it. I got flavored Italian ice and for me, it wasn’t really enjoyable. It tasted good but I didn’t really feel like having that much of it and I got the smallest size. I might like the custard stuff so maybe I’ll give it another try. I didn’t know that a former Philadelphia firefighter opened it and named it after his wife Rita. That’s pretty interesting!

#18. Nov 19, 2011 + Michael Sebastian’s PR daily post: “Do PR pros earn enough to make them happy?”

I don’t agree with your statement that “If you majored in PR, journalism, history, or English, chances are you’re not happy.” If someone feels that way, they need to realize that happiness isn’t based on the salary they earn. I’m a Christian and my faith in God is something that has always been very important to me. I believe that God is the source where I find my happiness. If money is what people depend on to make them happy, they will never be happy. People who make more than 75,000 a year aren’t even always happy. I’m actually a PR student and I’m currently involved in a marketing internship at a local bank. The internship is a year-long and they pay me $15.50 an hr. I know that isn’t a lot if you were trying to live off that money alone but as a student, I am amazed that I was able to get such a great internship. I don’t even make amazing grades in my classes or have an awesome GPA. I just believe that no matter what, God will always take care of my needs and that brings me happiness no salary amount could ever do.

#19. Nov 19, 2011 + Michael Sebastian’s PR daily post: “What are you giving thanks for this year–professionally or personally?”

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful that I will be graduating this spring with my degree in Public Relations/Journalism. I’m also extremely thankful for all the things I’ve been given in life that I know I don’t deserve. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday because it helps me pay attention to the things I so often overlook and take for guaranteed. I need to work on being thankful everyday for what I have instead of only on the Thanksgiving holiday.

#20. Nov 19, 2011 + Michael Sebastian’s PR daily post: “Study: 94 percent of top 100 brands have Google + pages.”

That’s interesting! I haven’t experimented very much with Google + but if nearly all of the 100 top brands are creating a Google + page that must mean there are good aspects of it. Its hard to predict whether or not Google + will become as popular of a marketing tool as Facebook but the evidence is obviously there that Google + is being used. Since Facebook is so popular right now, it makes it hard to imagine another type of social media becoming a more popular avenue for brands to promote their products. I think the top 100 brands probably created Google + pages because they recognize the value in social media marketing and want to use every single tool possible.


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