Say Whaaaaat?


Topic of the Week #5

You aren’t communicating if you aren’t commenting. Simple enough!

You see, without taking time to leave a comment after reading a post, you will never make any connections. But you don’t want to write a comment just to make your presence known, you want to leave something behind of substance. Your comments need to be effective!

Tips on writing EFFECTIVE blog comments:

#1. Determine Your Motivation: Know what your motivation is behind your comment, it will help you decide what direction to move in.

Photo credit: Anthony Burrill

#2. Be Respectful: You want to look sophisticated and you want to make an impression that will cause others to take you seriously. Leaving rude comments, especially containing vulgar language, will make you stand out… in a bad way.

#3. Actually say something: Don’t be so vague with comments like, “I agree,” or “your wrong.” Be specific, give examples, personal experiences if appropriate, and state your opinion!

#4. Know what you’re talking about: If you want to give advice, make sure you it holds true. Do the research in advance and don’t leave a comment until you know your stuff.

#5. Get to the 1 point: A blog comment shouldn’t be a whole research paper listing things you believe on the issue being discussed. If you have a lot to say, start your own blog and make a post on the issue.

#6.  Keep it short: No one wants to be an old person, sitting in their rocking chair, by the time they get done reading your comment. Make sure you get to the point and say the essentials!

#7: Link carefully: People often try to attract attention to themselves by posting a link to their blog. That can comes off as annoying and pushy. Make sure that the link your posting really does relate to the topic you are commenting on. Keep it professional!

#8: Proofread: Even if you leave a great comment, misspelled words and incorrect grammar will throw readers off. Readers will take you less seriously because they’ll thinkg your uneducated. If you take the time to write a great comment, make sure you take the time to deliver it error free!


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  1. All of your tips were so helpful! I like the “get to the 1 point.” I have seen so many blog comments that are very long and have a thing to say about every sentence of the long post! It’s just too much. Great post! Thank you for the reminders.

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