Your Face Isn’t the Only Place for Makeup…


Topic of the week #6

Girls, why do we put make up on? To look good and get attention of course! And guys, what makes you notice a particular gal? It’s often the way they do their make up that makes you notice their best features!

But did you know, your face isn’t the only thing you should be putting make up on? What about headlines?

Photo Credit: Emily Noel

Being able to write effective headlines is crucial when it comes to digital media.  If the headline doesn’t excite people, engage them, or make them curious, they are most likely going to skip right over your blog without reading even the first sentence. 


  1. Be unique: Take time to brainstorm something clever and catchy. The more you are able to stand out amongst the crowd, the greater chance you will have in attracting readers.
  2. Controversial: example: “Is PR dead?”
  3. Comical: If you can write a funny headline that relates to your post, go for it! Readers want to gain knowledge while also having fun. If there is a chance they will get a couple good laughs from your article, make sure they know!
  4. Benefit: Tell readers what the benefit will be for reading your post. For example: “Learn how to manage money the fun way!”
  5. Avoid abbreviations:  People don’t usually use abbreviations when typing into search engines.
  6. How to: Tell readers that your post will take them through the steps of learning a particular technique. For example: “How to change your oil.”
  7. Use numbers: If you have tips on finding a job, you can write your headline like this: “10 tips on finding a job!”
  8. Length: The perfect headline should be around a couple of words. If your headline is several sentences, you have written way too much. Headlines are quick, snapshots of your post so make sure you get to the point quickly.
  9. Misleading: Your headline shouldn’t be misleading. If you are giving readers the impression that they are about to read something that has nothing to do with the actual content of your blog, you will have some frustrated readers.
  10. Proofread: check for any spelling or grammar issues before you post you article.

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