STORIFY. It’s easy as 1,2,3!


Topic of the week # 7

What is storify?

Storify is a clever tool for telling stories using social media such as Facebook posts, Tweets, photos and videos. It gives you the ability to search multiple social networks from one location. When you find the information you want, you simply drag individual elements into your story. You can also arrange the information into any order you want and add text to give context to readers.

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What does storify mean?

According to, “storify”  is an obsolete word that used to be in the dictionary that means “to form or tell stories.” The website also mentions that it was a word used internally at The Associated Press, where co-founder of Storify was a correspondent. Editors sending messages to reporters asking them to do a story would often write: “Can u pls storify?”

Benefits for PR and Journalism?

PR professionals and journalists all over the world are sharing information through social media. But since new information is always appearing and old information is constantly being updated, streams of information are quickly being lost into a sea of endless information.

However, with the help of Storify, people in PR and journalism can put together the best photos, videos, Tweets, and even Facebook posts to create stories that will never be forgotten. And since the stories are embeddable, they can easily share them with anyone.

Here is a great video tutorial on getting started with Storify:


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