Product Spotlight!


Have you ever got a new cup because you couldn’t remember if the cup laying on the counter was yours? Ever had a big party and when it was over, you had triple the amount of cups laying around then the number of people who actually attended the party? I know I have, multiple times!

That is until I learned about “etch-it” cups!  These cups can add fun to parties or simply help keep track of your family’s disposable cups. All you have to do is peel the protective cover and then etch your name or a cool design with your finger! No pen necessary!

Etch-it cups is the latest way to add fun to group events while also helping mom wash less dishes and use less cups!

Here is a list of etch-it cup benefits found on the company’s website:

Photo Credit: Sarah Hassani

  • Never Lose Your Drink
  • Use Fewer Cups
  • Great Party Ice Breakers
  • Everyday Family Fun
  • Doubles as a Nametag
  • Less Germ Exposure
  • Less Clean Up
  • Great for the Office
  • School, Church, Club Meetings etc.

Etch-it cups was also crowned “The #1 Why Didn’t I think of that, Big idea Product in the History of The Big Idea show,” hosted by Donny Deutsch.



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