Rated T for Teen!


Rated T for Teen is the teen checking account at the MIDFLORIDA credit union available for teens between the ages of 13-18. And this summer they decided to reach teens on a level never achieved before.

They wanted to be radical in the way they informed teens on handling money wisely. To be radical, they knew that meant pushing beyond all of the normal ways teens were typically informed on managing money in the past.

MIDFLORIDA began this radical process by finding a youth spokesperson to be the face of their new project. Someone that could relate to teens while also being an example. They didn’t want the typical older person teaching teens about money, they wanted a hip and young teen teaching other teens about money.

They wanted to be relatable. They wanted to be different…

So, they picked Hannah Sells, a junior at Lake Gibson High School. Hannah is a fun, outgoing girl who has a passion for journalism and broadcasting. She loves discovering new ways for teens to have fun while also saving their money.

MIDFLORIDA took the next step with the creation of RT4T.com, a blog site where Hannah frequently posts a combination of articles and videos every week about managing money wisely. So far, she has 11 posts! Some of her posts include: “Everyone Loves Date Night,” “Maximize Your Wardrobe,” and “SnapShot Debit Card.”

Photo Credit: Midflorida Credit Union

The great thing about the RT4T blog is that even though it’s geared towards teens, the information is useful for people of all ages! It’s important that teens have fun managing their money and spending wisely or else they’ll never do it unless they are forced.

To stay up-to-date on Hannah’s latest posts, visit RT4T.com. Also, if you see an article or video that you like, feel free to share it with others.


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