We all love shopping, especially us girls. But we often get caught up in the surge of our emotions screaming for us to buy everything in sight that we forget how to get the most for our money!

There is nothing worse than buying something and later realizing it was a bad deal. Or buying something that for full price when you could have got it for way cheaper. To help solve what may be some of your shopping problems, I have created a list of tips on how to shop smart and get the most bang for your buck!

Photo Credit: Kylee Keen

TIP #1: Create a separate email just for shopping and subscribe to all of your favorite clothing stores online. You’ll get sent the latest coupons and be informed whenever there are sales so you know the perfect time to shop!

TIP #2: As soon as you walk into the doors of a store, walk straight back to the clearance section! You will be surprised at the amount of great items you can find at such cheap prices.

TIP #3: Do you see a shirt that you love but can’t really afford? Wait a couple weeks and that same shirt will most likely be on the clearance rack right in your budget!

TIP #4: Before you go shopping, withdraw money from an ATM and leave your credit cards in the car. This will force you to stick with spending a certain amount instead of over spending.

TIP #5: Visit discount chains that sell brandname clothes for a fraction less. Places like Marshalls, TJ-MAX, and Ross are all good places to pay less for designer brands.

TIP #6: Shop out of season! Yes, it may be summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t start buying jackets for the winter! It may feel silly but you will be saving loads of money. Clothes that aren’t in season are remarkably cheaper then when they are.

TIP #7: Make sure you take good care of your clothes. We often have a tendency to throw our clothes on the floor where they can get wrinkled and damaged but whenever you see clothes, train yourself to see money. You wouldn’t leave hundreds of dollars lying around on the floor, so don’t do that with clothes either.

TIP #8: Pay attention to the label for washing instructions because they do serve a purpose.

TIP #9: Create a account. This is a website where people upload pictures relating to fashion, beauty, hair, travel, home, and DYI (do it yourself). I like to search through the fashion section and find outfits that I like. Once I find and outfit, I print it out and try to recreate it by finding those items at the mall.

If you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned, PLEASE share them with me! I’m always looking for ways to save money while still buying the things I love!


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