Mark Rutland in the House!


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Topic of the week #12

On Nov 6th, Family Worship Center in Lakeland, Florida opened its doors to a familiar face. Dr. Mark Rutland, current president of Oral Roberts University and past president of neighboring university, Southeastern.

He walked up on stage and with that smile of his, lit up the entire room before he even said a word. He chose to speak about something that had become heavy on his heart and something he said, “People desperately needed to hear.” He spoke on envy.

From his teaching, I learned that envy is not only when someone wants what someone has but it can also be someone not wanting  another person to have what they have, even if they have no desire for that thing.

As he spoke, I looked around at the audience and saw them intensively listening and digesting his words. I also saw them laughing at his jokes that were so effortlessly woven within his message. I shared in those laughs too.

I walked around from that service with a greater knowledge of what envy was. I gained an understanding that I needed to be content with what God had given me.

It also gave me a greater desire and motivation to make sure I didn’t allow myself to become envious of others. A lot of times we don’t even realize we are being envious.

“It doesn’t show up and say hello, I’m envy! Envy is sneaky,” said Mark Rutland. He is absolutely right.

I encourage everyone to listen to the full audio podcast. I hope it enlightens, motivates, and encourages you like it has for me.


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