Tips for Creative Writing!


Photo Credit: Mariah Fernandez

A lot of times, people become too comfortable with the way they do things that they lose their sense of creativity. This often happens with people’s writing.

Here are 4 tips to help you energize your writing and bring the creativity back!

Turn Off Auto Pilot: Don’t immediately settle for the first idea you think of. Take time to brainstorm different ways to go about it. Borrow idea’s from other people but also set a side the time to develop your own new ideas and techniques.

Embrace Failure: Make sure you are not writing with a motive to avoid failure. Failure is natural and is actually beneficial because it teaches us. You won’t be able to concentrate on writing well if you are so worried about failing. Free yourself from these burdens and have fun while you write! Don’t let the possibility of failure get in your way of writing a master piece!

Bring Down the Walls: When you write a blog post who says it has to be just the simple average blog post? Why don’t you spice it up? Turn it into a video demonstration, an audio podcast, or a series of photo’s with captions!

Create the Perfect Atmosphere: Create an atmosphere that will help you “get in the mood.” We all have different things that work for us. Find the things that help get your creative juices flowing and set that atmosphere before you start writing!

Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t settle for ordinary! Remember, writing that is not creative is boring but writing that tasks risks and is full of creativity is something worth reading!


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