Benefits of Social Media Monitoring


Photo Credit: Alexa Westerfield

#1. Reading a customer’s mind: These monitoring tools give companies the wonderful ability to find out, not only what their consumers feel about them, but also what the general public feels about them. It gives them the chance to read the minds of the people when it comes to a new product, promotions, etc.

#1. Cuts back time: The great thing about social media monitoring tools is that it provides the ability to receive the publics opinion quickly. Customers can voice their opinions about a corporation or their products in a matter of seconds, which helps the company tremendously. They are able to quickly make adjustments in whatever areas needed to better serve their consumers when they have easy, quick access, to their opinions.

#3. Everyone wins: Social media monitoring is a win for everyone. It not only helps the companies but it also helps the consumers. Consumers often don’t realize that corporations do take the time to research what people are saying about them. A good corporation wants to satisfy and make their customers happy and by using monitoring tools, they are able to do just that! Companies search the web and monitor the conversations going on about their brand. They read the positive stuff and the negative stuff and learn what to keep and what to adjust.

In my eyes, social media monitoring is a new, ground breaking way, to communicate. It provides a channel in which a company’s management team is able to talk to the people outside of their company. Without it, companies and their consumers wouldn’t be able to communicate  as effectively. It’s important for consumers to realize that companies do care about what they are saying about them and their products. It’s important to remember: Communication is key!


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