Top 10 List For Newbie Bloggers!


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While comparing what I knew when I first started blogging and what I now know, I find myself truly amazed. Starting off, I thought I knew exactly what I was doing but when I read some of my first blog posts, I find myself smacking my forehead at the mistakes I made.

With anything in life, you become better with practice and there is no exception when it comes to blogging.

I don’t consider myself an expert but I do believe I can offer some valuable tips on blogging for all you newbies!

  1. The name is half the game: Brainstorm and come up with a catchy name for your blog. Don’t just write  “PR 101” or “Learning PR.” Talk about BORING! Trust me, that is no way to gain readers.
  2. Looks are everything: Make sure your blog is appealing to the eye. Don’t have a billion columns or a crazy font size. (I recently saw a blog that had tons of videos uploaded that stretched outside of the columns they were suppose to be in. I left that blog before it gave me a headache!)
  3. Stay hip: The only way to stay hip is to stay relevant! Write and talk about issues that are going on today. Don’t live way in the past but try to be on top of current events. Talk about issues that are causing interest now!
  4. Follow the leader: Find professional bloggers who have been blogging for years and follow them. See what they’re talking about and learn from them in the way they write, post, and communicate with others.
  5. A picture says a thousand words: Adding pictures to your blog posts are a sure way of drawing more readers in. If you have a stimulating or even controversial photo along with your writing, people will be drawn in to read.
  6. Communicate: When someone comments on your blog, make sure you take time to comment back. This builds relationships between you and your readers. This is one of the main points of blogging!
  7. Videos: Sometimes there is something you want to write but instead of typing it out, there’s a video you find that says that same information. Why not post the video in your blog? Or even better, record yourself talking about what you would have originally wrote. This adds variety and people like variety.
  8. Break it up: Make sure you don’t write in long paragraph form. I see people who have been blogging for several years still making this mistake.
  9. Establish a voice: Make sure you have good tone in your writing and have enthusiasm. You can turn a reader off immediately by how you sound in your writing.
  10. Have fun: I know it sounds cliché but its true. You will be surprised at how much fun you can have!

Blogging can be intimidating at first. You can feel like your alone, sitting in your chair, typing out information that won’t be seen by anyone. But be encouraged and know that your posts could be found by some of the greatest, most well-known bloggers out there. And maybe one day, you will become one of those great bloggers…

Best of blogging to you all!


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