Think Before You Comment!


For many years I have been an avid user of different types of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. I have spent hours commenting on photos, videos, and blog posts. When I first started, leaving a comment wasn’t something that I stopped and ever thought about.This isn’t exactly the best approach…

Here are different ways to write effective blog comments!

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Lalor

#1. Determine Your Motivation: If you as the commenter know what your motivation is behind your comment, it will help you decide what kind of comment to write.

#2. Provide context: This is something that I have noticed there is a great lack of. Many times I have read through a list of comments, that numerous people have left, and the comments get so out of context that its very hard to follow what is being said. That’s why giving context in your blog comment is so important. Other commenters won’t be confused as to what you’re talking about and the original poster themselves will understand your comment better and be able to respond back in a more beneficial and productive way.

#3. Be Respectful: That is simple enough. Don’t leave rude comments that make you, as a commenter, look bad. You want to look sophisticated and you want the poster and other commenters to take you seriously. Leaving rude comments, especially containing vulgar language, will make you stand out in a bad way.

#4. Make a Point: Don’t be so vague with comments like, “I agree,” or “your wrong.” Be specific and state your opinion.

#5. Know What You’re Talking About: Don’t state that you have no idea about what you’re saying and then give advice as to what the blog poster should do or believe. Do the research in advance and don’t leave a comment until you know your stuff!

#6. One Point Per Comment: A blog comment shouldn’t be a whole paper on all of the different things that you believe on the issue being discussed. If you have a lot to say, start your own blog and make a post on the issue.

#7.  Keep it short: This is definitely something that I agree with! I cannot tell you how many times I have read comments that have gone on for years it seamed like. I don’t want to be an old lady, sitting in my rocking chair, by the time I get through reading a comment. Plus, halfway through the comment, people start to get bored. They don’t want to read a whole novel so make sure you get to the point and say the essentials.

#8: Proofread: Even if you leave a great comment, if words are spelled wrong and the grammar is completely off, no one will be able to focus on the great comment you just left. They also will start to take you less seriously because they will think you are not educated. If you take the time to write a great comment, make sure you take the time to deliver it greatly!


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