Rated T for Teen: Turkey Bowling Event


Photo Credit: Lynnspin.com

Midflorida credit union is hosting their first “Turkey Bowling” event for teens on Nov 22! The event will take place at AMF Lakeland lanes, located on S. Florida, from 5-9pm.

Teens will be able to enjoy free bowling, shoe and ball rental, as well as free pizza and unlimited bevarages! On top of that, they will also have a chance to win some awesome prizes. Door prizes will be raffled off throughout the event and other small prizes will be given away through competitions. The top prize will be given to the lucky teen who bowls a turkey (three strikes in-a-row!) first!

Event details can also be found on Midflorida’s Rated T for Teen Facebook page or on there RT4T blog. They are asking that teens RSVP no later than Monday, 11/ 21 on their Facebook page, so they can gurauntee enough food and lanes for everyone.

Hannah Sells, Midflorida’s youth spokesperson, will also be there bowling and talking with other fellow teens!

I wish when I was a teen, I had a bank that had cool events like this! Maybe I’ll crash the party? Only kidding!


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